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ALFALFA - Health builder, arthritis, fatigue, appetite, pituitary gland
BARLEY GREEN - Energy, nutritive immune builder
BEE POLLEN - Allergies, quick energy, slow down aging, natural no-doze
BLACK COHOSH - Natural estrogen, hot flashes, nerves
BLACK WALNUT - Cleanse parasites, worms, skin rashes, lupus
BLACK WALNUT EXTRACT - Herpes, ringworm, impetigo, rebuilding tooth enamel
BLESSED THISTLE - Bring oxygen to brain, senility, increase mother's milk
BURDOCK - Reduce swelling/deposits in joints, blood purifier, gout, eczema
BUTCHERS BROOM - Improve circulation, phlebitis, leg cramps, varicose veins
CAPSICUM - Circulation to extremities, strokes, blood pressure equalizer, colds
CASCARA SAGRADA - Constipation, increase peristaltic action, gall bladder
CATNIP - Colic, nerves, cigarette craving, colds, flu, digestion, hiccups, gas
CHAMOMILE - Insomnia, improve appetite, drug withdrawal, nerves
CHICKWEED - Appetite depressant, burn fat, dissolve plaque from veins
CORNSILK - Kidney, bladder, bedwetting, painful urination, prostate
DAMIANA - Hormone imbalance, Parkinson's disease, infertility, frigidity
DANDELION - Anemia, liver, blood cleanser, endurance, age spots, hepatitis
DONG QUAI - Hot flashes, hormone balance, nerves, muscle spasms
ECHINACEA - Antibiotic, lymph system, blood purifier/builder, immune system
FALSE UNICORN - Help prevent miscarriage, male/female glandular problems
FEVERFEW - Migraine headaches, muscular tension
GARLIC - Normalize blood pressure, yeast, bacterial/viral infections, colds
GINGER - Gas, motion/morning sickness, flu, diarrhea settles stomach
GOLDEN SEAL - Infection, natural insulin, cleanse urinary system
GOTU KOLA - Brain food, memory, vitality, depression, senility, nerve food
HAWTHORN - Heart, hardening of the arteries, adrenals, stress, blood pressure
HOPS - Insomnia, nervousness, hyperactive children, decrease desire for alcohol
HORSETAIL - Hair loss, diuretic, weak nails, helps calcium absorption
HYDRANGEA - Arthritis, gout, kidney/bladder problems, dissolve stones
JUNIPER BERRIES - Feeds pancreas & adrenals, diuretic, dropsy, uric acid
KELP - Thyroid, goiter, food for all glands, hair loss, cleanse radiation from body
LICORICE - Adjust blood sugar, quick energy, cough, hoarseness, feed adrenals
LOBELIA - Asthma, congestion, pneumonia, pleurisy, strong relaxant
MARSHMALLOW - Bladder/kidney problems, bed wetting, inflammation
MULLEIN - Nervous cough, lung & sinus congestion, TB
PARSLEY - Bad breath, blood builder, kidneys, diuretic, strengthen eyes
PASSION FLOWER - Eye infection & tension, stress, headache, sleep
PAU D'ARCO - Historically used for cancer, leukemia, tumors, yeast infection
PSYLLIUM HULLS - Constipation, adds bulk/softness to stool, absorb toxins
RED CLOVER - Historically used for cancer, tumors, skin problems, nerve food
RED RASPBERRY - Overall female tonic, childbirth, nausea, diarrhea
ROSE HIPS - Natural Vitamin C, colds, flu, infections, blood purifier
SAFFLOWERS - Muscle soreness, gout, digestion, help reduce cholesterol
SAGE - Dry up breast milk, night sweats, worms, sore gums/throat
SARSAPARARILLA - Help body make male hormones, body building, impotency
SAW PALMETTO - Infertility, help weight gain, throat/bronchial problems
SLIPPERY ELM - Ulcers, acid stomach, soothe irritated mucous membranes
UVA URSI - Spleen, bladder /kidney infections, cystitis, gonorrhea, diabetes
VALERIAN - Natural tranquilizer, pain, muscle spasms, nerves, promote sleep
WHITE OAK BARK - Hemorrhoids, varicose veins, pyorrhea, stop bleeding
YARROW - Obstructed perspiration, nosebleeds, chicken pox, colds/fever/flu
YELLOW DOCK - Anemia, blood purifier, acne, liver, hepatitis, skin problems
YUCCA - Natural cortisone, arthritis, joint inflammation, anti-stress, digestion
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These herbal food formulas are composed of two or more herbs to aid a body system, organ or gland. Systems (in italics), as described by doctors, can be looked at in terms of nutritional deficiencies of the body system.

AG-X - Gas, indigestion, bloating - Digestive
ALJ - Lung/sinus congestion, allergies, cough - Respiratory
APS II - Herbal aspirin, pain, relaxant, headaches - Nervous System
BLG-X - Bloating, gas, gall bladder, menstrual cramps - Digestive System
BP-C - Blood purifier, poison oak/ivy, acne, psoriasis - Circulatory
C-X - Hormone balancing, menopause, hot flashes - Glandular
CAPSICUM/GARLIC/PARSLEY - Blood pressure, cholesterol - Circulatory
CLT-X - Ulcers, colitis, inflammatory conditions - Gastrointestinal
EIGHT - Reduce nervous tension, anxiety, stress, restore - Nervous
ENERG-V - Energy, stamina, fight depression, improve memory - Energy
FCS II - Menstrual imbalances, mood swings - Glandular
FENUGREEK & THYME - Migraine/sinus headaches, mucous - Respiratory 
FORMULA CHI with EPHEDRA - Asthma, bronchial problems, laryngitis - Respiratory
GINKO & HAWTHORN - Brain, heart, ringing in ears, vertigo - Circulatory
HERBAL CA - Calcium, nerves, veins & artery walls, bones, teeth - Structural
HERBAL PUMPKIN - Parasites, tumors, bowels, prostate - Intestinal
HS-C - Strengthen & feed heart, clean blood vessels - Circulatory
HSN-W - Herbal food for hair, skin, nails - Structural
HVP - Promote natural sleep, stress, muscle tension - Nervous
HY-A - Hypoglycemia, energy, mood swings - Glandular
I-X - Herbal source of iron, anemia - Circulatory
IGS II - Natural antibiotic, infection fighter - Immune
K - Bladder & kidney problems, bed wetting, strengthen - Urinary 
KC-X - Enlarged thyroid or prostate, lymph congestion, cough - Glandular
LBS II - Constipation, stool softener, bad breath, clean - Intestinal
LH-C - Lung/bronchial problems - Respiratory
LIV-J - Clean & strengthen liver, gall bladder, spleen, blood, liver - Circulatory/Urinary
MARSHMALLOW & PEPSIN - Improve nutrient absorption - Digestive
P-14 - Blood sugar imbalances, diabetes, rebuild/strengthen Pancreas - Digestive/Glandular
PAPAYA MINT - Indigestion, gas, heartburn, enzymes - Digestive
SN-X - Sinus problems, natural antihistamine, allergies - Respiratory
STR-J - Stress, spastic colon, muscle spasms - Nervous
THREE - Tonic herbs, all purpose vitamin-mineral supplement - Glandular / Digestive / Intestinal
UC3J - Colitis, ulcers, Chrohn's disease, stomach pains, irritation -Intestinal
X-A - Decreased libido, impotence, night sweats, insomnia -Glandular
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CHINESE HERBS - Historical Uses:

AD-C - Depression, fatigue, PMS
AG-C - Gas, indigestion, bloating, gastroenteritis, clear stagnant food
AL-C - Allergies, lungs, sinusitis, bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, common cold
BP-C - Blood purifier/builder, hepatitis, cirrhosis, chronic liver dysfunction
CHINESE MINERAL CHI TONIC - Builder, super energy, stamina, no-doze, dispel sugar cravings
CHINESE TIAO HE 10-DAY CLEANSE - Overall body cleansing
HRP-C - Cold sores, herpes simples, shingles, viruses, AIDS, cancer immune
HS-C - Strengthens heart, angina pain, palpitations, exhaustion
HY-C - Hypoglycemia diabetes, dry cough, thirst, night sweats, menopause
IF-C - Anti-flammatory, hemorrhoids, gallstones, hepatitis
IMM-C - Stimulate immune response, restore energy, fight stress
K-C - Diuretic, urinary infection, nephritis, prostates, edema in chest & lungs
KB-C - Kidneys, backache, spine disorders, arthritis, heavy legs, low sex drive
LH-C - Lung healer, lymph, asthma, wheezing, emphysema, chronic cough
LIV-C - Acute liver problems, hepatitis, gallstones, anemia, clean liver 
STR-C - Stress, calm nerves, insomnia, paranoia, hyperventilation
UC-C - Ulcers, stomach, colitis, hernia, rejuvenate digestive tract, antiseptic
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ALJ - Respiratory support, congestion, sinuses, allergies, coughs, asthma 
GARDEN ESSENCE - Aid digestion so you get benefit of food you eat
HSN-W - Nourish hair, skin & nails
LIV-GD - Food for the liver; rebuilding after infectious hepatitis/alcoholism
MASTER G - Food for the entire glandular system
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ALFALFA - Endurance, energy, contains almost all known vitamins & minerals
ENER-V - Fight fatigue, improve memory, increase resistance to stress
GINSENG, KOREAN - Endurance, virility (especially for men), fight depression
MASTER G - Feed all glands for peak performance
SAFFLOWER - Eliminate uric/lactic acid to reduce workout soreness/cramps
SPIRULINA - Nutritious blue-green algae; 26x the calcium of milk, 65% protein
TARGET ENDURANCE - Nutrition targeted to muscle cells, runners run further
TEI FU MASSAGE LOTION - Massage in after workout for soothing relief
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TIAO HE-10-DAY CLEANSE - Great way to start a diet! Lose more efficiently
THREE - Kelp/Dandelion/Alfalfa formula, speed metabolism, nutritive, diuretic
GOTU KOLA - High in niacin (to fight cellulite), brain food, energy
CHICKWEED - Dissolve fat, cholesterol cleaner
LBS II - Clean old waste accumulation in bowel; many carry 5-10 lbs. old waste
PSYLLUM HULLS - Provide bulk to the stool, absorb toxins
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ACIDOPHILUS - Keep unfriendly bacteria in check in the colon (milk free)
AG-C - Relieve gas, bloating, indigestion, sluggishness, obesity, poor circulation
ALJ - Support respiratory system, also helps people allergic to cats! (Vegitabs)
BLACK WALNUT EXTRACT - Kill & expel worms, fungal infections
BUTCHER'S BROOM - Clean blood vessels, especially helpful after surgery
CASCARA SAGRADA - Relieve constipation, improve digestion
CBG - Ear infections; use 2-3x daily until problem clears up
CORNSILK - Soothe kidney/bladder woes, inflammation, incontinence
ECHINACEA - Stimulate the immune system to keep your pet healthy
ECHINACEA EXTRACT & GOLDEN SEAL - Infections, cysts, tumors
HAWTHORN - Feed heart; a must with foamy drool
HERBAL CA - Strengthen structural system, help broken bones knit
HRP-C - Use at the first sign of a cold or runny nose; fight viruses
LIV-J - Hepatitis, gallstones, liver congestion
MARSHMALLOW - Soothe sore inflamed area; enrich milk of nursing pets
PAU D'ARCO - Tumors, polyps, pain, fungus, warts, weakened immune
RED RASPBERRY - Strengthen uterus; aid in labor and delivery
SLIPPERY ELM - Diarrhea, soothes inflamed mucous membranes
TEA TREE OIL - Anti-fungal, add to bath water regularly to kill fleas
TEI FU ESSENTIAL OIL - Bleeding, inflammation, congestion
THREE - Kill fleas (with GARLIC OIL), shiny coat, full of trace minerals
VALERIAN - Calming, use before clipping nails/going to groomer
VITAMIN E -  Heart & circulation vitamin, reproductive health
YELLOW DOCK - Ear mites, made into tea, ear swabbed
ZINC - 25 mg (150) Assist coat growth, male hormones, speed healing
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AG-X - Gas, indigestion, belching, nausea
APS II - Headaches combined with extra 5 -W for afterbirth pains
BUTCHER'S BROOM - with WHITE OAK BARK for hemorrhoids, varicose veins
CATNIP & FENNEL - Combine with LOBELIA to relax uterus during false labor
HERBAL CA - Build strong bones/teeth, feed nerves, insomnia
I-X - Build healthy blood, anemia
IGS-II - Faster healing of episiotomies (internally and sitz baths)
K - Food for the urinary system, combined with HS-II for edema
LBS-II - Used with PSYLLIUM to help constipation
LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL -  Toxemia, energy during labor
LOBELIA -  False labor, add CATNIP
PAPAYA MINT -  Heartburn, breath mint
PSYLLIUM HULLS - Provide bulk to soften stool, absorb toxins
RED RASPBERRY -  Morning sickness
THREE - Alfalfa,kelp, and dandelion; wonderful source of trace minerals
VITAMIN E -  Stretch marks, aid labor; fight miscarriage
WHITE OAK BARK - Hemorrhoids, varicose veins
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ALOE VERA GEL - Diaper rash; any skin irritation - but make sure to rub into skin, left on 'thick' it acts as an astrigent and will irritate
CALMING -  lavender
CATNIP & FENNEL - Colic, restlessness, indigestion, gas, fever
CBG - Colds, ear aches
FEVER -  Peppermint
LB EXTRACT - Constipation
LOBELIA -  Teething, fussiness, congestion
PAU D'ARCO LOTION -  Diaper rash
VITAMIN E -  Rub on scalp for cradle cap